The moment a customer proceeds with the registration he accepts implicitly all the condition and the characteristics of : http://www.sudest.it/  e http://b2b.sudest.it web sites.


General Terms of Sale


1)      Prices and Offers

The prices showed on the web site are the prices valid at the request of information time and are subject to update. The price are valid from the order till the products delivery. Order with terms of delivery longer than 30 days are accepted with reserve.


2)      Order Conclusion

Once the order is positively closed, the customer will receive an e-mail with object “Order Confirmation”. He has to print a copy of the e-mail and keep it. Through the order closure, the customer accept the current Terms of Sale of “Sudest.it”.


3)      Compensation for Damages

Sudest Europe srl rejects any request of Compensation for damages, direct or indirect, caused to people, implants or other objects, happened to customers for orders eventually not accepted or  for delayed deliveries.


4)      Order Confirmation

Once an on-line order has been proceeded positively, the order reception is confirmed to the customer via e-mail. The price showed are all VAT excluded. In any case the order Confirmation is comprehensive of: Products Characteristics, quantity ordered, expected delivery timetable, sum of the total costs.


5)      Order Acceptance

If the order has not been accepted  from Sudest Europe srl it will be communicated to the customer through e-mail within 3 days from the order reception. If the payment has been already processed, it will refund from Sudest Europe srl to the customer.


6)      Payment Terms

The unique terms of payments accepted are the bank advanced payment or the PayPal: through the PayPal circuit the Company is allowed to receive payment with credit card of the circuits MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Carta Aura. The delivery will be processed only after the payment reception. Other modalities of payment needs to be agreed and will be applied only to the subsequently orders. Sudest Europe srl, if opportune, will apply a discount not superior to 2% of the whole order amount, but only for advanced payments and orders superior to Eur 5000. The discount will be refund through a bank transfer within 3 days from the payment reception.


7)      Products Control

At the delivery moment, the customer has to check the following details: correspondence between the products ordered and those delivered; packing integrity; delivered products integrity. If eventual defects will be found the customer needs to communicates it to Sudest Europe srl in writing and mention it on the delivery document, at the delivery moment. The written communication needs to details the defects description and signed by the customer and the carrier. Both the documents (detailed description and delivery document) need to be send to the fax nr. 0833 284154 within 24 hours.  If the defects will be found after the delivery no compensation for damages will be recognized.


8)      Communication

Any communication is usually transmitted via e-mail. Sudest Europe srl warrants that any enquire receives a reply within 24 hours from its reception.


9)      Competent Court

The follow CGV and the contracts agreed on the basis of them are subject to the Italian Law. The Competent Court is that of Lecce city.


10)   Final Provision

For the selling of the products mentioned on the web site “sudest.it”  are effectiveness only the CGV in their valid version at the moment of the contract conclusion. The Sale Conditions are applied even in the case are different from those known by the customer. If any disposition of the current CGV  become ineffective, their legal effectiveness remains unprejudiced. Sudest Europe srl is the holder of the site “sudest.it” and it reserves the right to modify or update the current General Sales Condition at any time.


Prices and product specification:

The prices are expressed in Euros and are intended VAT excluded.

Shipments and Deliveries

Sudest Europe srl together with its partners prepares and packing its products directly in their production and extraction centres. This method warrants the ready products and their high quality. The production Centres are located in different areas and countries: Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Lettonia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Nord America. The first price’s band represents the economic  offers and refers to direct delivery. It allows to see the products whom are produced in the same factory and so be possible to combine in the same order. This opportunity has the advantage of combine different products and reach the full truck order with very competitive prices.

If you go for different origin products their prices are always to be considered linked to their band of prices, and on the basis of their loading typology and  quantity. All the prices showed need to be considered to the company/buyer destination or closest port (C.I.F. or C.F.R. or D.D.U.) accordingly.


Damaged Products

At the delivery moment could happen that there are evident damage/s to the products; in this case is very important that the damages motivation and the typology of damages found are declared in the transport document. The company have to receive within 24 hours the transport document to the fax number 0833 284154 with the written specification of the damage/s motivation and the typology of damage/s found (pictures will be helpful).


Delivery of the Goods

The delivery of the goods is usually made via truck (tilt-trailer). The goods unloading is made with a forklift or other means of unloading specifically needed on the customer charge; The delivery can be proceed even with hydraulic board but this specific requirements must be communicated in the order delivery conditions field and at the order time. In any case the delivery with hydraulics board are always excluded in the case of full truck order, since it is proceeded through regular truck/ tilt-trailer without hydraulic board.

The delivery service is not comprehensive of the storage or stockpiles at the buyer location and neither the pallets movements from the unloading place. The order of full truck wont be processed if there will be limitation or restriction at (or nearby) the buyer delivery location area. If any additional costs will be charges for eventual movements of the pallets or limitation or restriction at the buyer delivery location, these costs will be charged on the buyer himself.  The buyers at the buying moment always declares that they knowledge these above mentioned rules.