Arber® Horticulture, leader within the sell of peat mosses and substrates



Arber® Horticulture’s strength is its capacity to produce directly in the raw materials extraction sites at the origin. This specific production methods warrants the integrity and the high quality of the products and at the same time is a warranty of high saving value if compared to the importation of the raw material and the production on external sites. 

Arber® Horticulture  warrants the same company quality and professionalism within the time,

 Research and dynamisms have always been Arber® Horticulture‘s keywords as proved by the important innvovations we made within the promotion and development of different forms of, non polluting, alternatives energy like biomasses. Arber® Horticulture 
represents one of the most prestigious production companies within the national and international marketplaces.

The quality and the technology evolution applied to the product processing has brought Arber® Horticulture to a very high position within the biomasses market: Arber® Horticulture  represents nowadays  a landmark of certified quality and professionalism to the customer service


Arber® Horticulture is nowadays leader within the italian market and hold a very high position within the international market. Arber® Horticulture products are sold in the whole old and new Europe as well as in Center and south America, further evidence that top quality and top services are the best investment for a Company.

Arber® Horticulture‘s customers are spread within the whole national territory and in several European countries. We count on the support of a net of qualified agents and representatives. We do think that nowadays is fundamental to work with the latest technologies to offer a fast and reliable service. One of these technologies is surely internet and specifically its applications whom allow and improve the e-commerce like the B2B.


Arber® Horticulture has deeply believed in this project and thanks to high investment it has developed an innovative platform where all the procedures are processed on line. In this way any customer has access to all the company information on real time and from any internet connection.

All the customers, the business agents, the transport companies and Arber® Horticulture Managers can find all the information needed on real time and in a very simply way.

This application has been crated not to substitute the business agent presence but to provide an additional, stronger and complementary, marketing and management support. Under this aspect it represents a costs reduction for both agents and customers.

This is the aim behind Arber® Horticulture e-commerce platform which remain  focused only on professional (and not particular) operators.


The registration on the Arber® Horticulture platform B2B provides the following advantages:

  • Access to the catalogue display complete with all the products characteristics, prices lists and technical schemes.
  • High contents organization and deepen detail of the products so to allow any user to compare different products in a simply and fast way.
  • Newsletters reception on real time with special offers info
  • Possibility to make direct orders
  • Check and follow the order on real time
  • Reception of the Invoice on line
  • Direct Support area with a Company area agent/representative


Basically you will have a Arber® Horticulture Manager with you every day!